Ubuntu Packages (or a web GUI for Ubuntu repos)

Ubuntu Packages Mockup

Here is the preview as promised. A web-based frontend for Ubuntu Repositories. Similar in function to packages.ubuntu.com, but similar in style to Download.com and Linspire’s CNR.

Whaddya think? Do we need something like this, or is Synaptic/Adept/apt-get/packages.ubuntu.com enough? I think it is a great to explore the endless software possibilities available to Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu users.

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  1. I like it! Much better than the current packages.ubuntu.com. I even like it better than packages.gentoo.org (which I have more experience with). I know this isn’t so much a front-end issue, but wouldn’t it be cool if one could click on a package on the web (.deb, .ebuild, etc.), have it launch the package manager ([s|k]ynaptic, portage frontend) and install the package for you? As much as I don’t mind using the command line, it might be useful to have a decent web-based frontend for these tools. Of course, maybe Linspire does this already. Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo (no “7 days of compiling later” jokes please :-) ) have awesome package management — I wish apt and portage could be a bit more accessible to the normal “what’s-a-command-line?” user.

    And as a side note to your last post, it’s much better to have Windows XP running inside QEMU under Linux :-).

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