What the heck is going on?


I’m sorry, I thought we lived in America. Three cheers for the blogosphere, which has saved us from the censored corporate media.

Media being turned away from Jefferson Parish

FEMA to Reuters: no photos of the dead

Rape, Murder and Beatings in Astrodome (Houston!!), and Emergency Radio broadcast blocked
(caution – I’m not endorsing this website, but the reporter, Xeni, also contributes to Wired News and National Public Radio)

Pictures from inside Astrodome

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  1. Ever wonder how it is that you can have an 80% evacuation rate(therefore….. people saw it coming) and yet in every news broadcast of people being rescued from their homes they’re always wearing there pajamas/nightgowns…? If you knew a massive hurricane was coming, AND you knew that odds were it would cause a TON of damage, AND you knew that everyone was saying “hey, um… get out of here”, AAAAND on top of all that everyone is telling you the city is going to be underwater… WOULDN’T YOU HAVE THE COMMON SENSE TO PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON!?!??!?

    Oh, and the fact that FEMA said “no photos of the dead” is wonderful I think. I wouldn’t want to wonder if my grandmother made it out and see her shriveled and raped body in the corner of a stadium lying in feces on CBS…

    “The very fact that the government couldn’t even cover up a freaking break in in a hotel should give you a hint at just how good our government is at being nefarious.”

    With Love!
    -Fag Toast

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