4 Replies to “How nerdy are you?”

  1. Mine was 94%. might have been higher if I didn’t have to guess at the elements. Those aren’t nerdy things. In fact, neither is owning a microscope or telescope. But…spending more than 10 hours a day on the computer (’til your eyes are bugged out)…now that’s nerdy!

    Btw, there are more online things to do on a Friday night than just play games or chat. Those are for wannabe’s anyway.

  2. Doh! You beat me (79) without cheating. With cheating (Kalzium and Google are my friends), I got a 93 :-).

    And that’s not fair: BASIC v. COBOL? Why aren’t both a choice? And technically assembly’s not a high-level language, but then that’s not what they asked.

    Erin got a 53 (lightly nerdy).

  3. i got a 99 and i did not lie. honest to goodness. it’s ’cause i’m a chemistry nerd.

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