Twitter is like the global chatroom

I just found a fun site that shows real-time geolocated Twitter updates on a 3D globe. Says TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid:

TwittEarth, is eye-candy at its finest – a mesmerizing and mostly useless diversion that sticks you in space and whips you around the globe to see a new geo-located tweet every ten seconds. Tweets are accompanied by small, goofy icons that remain static on the map, eventually providing an interesting representation of usage distribution.

And I must say, mesmerizing is the keyword. What gives it the global chatroom feel is the ability to sign in and post your own geolocated tweets from within TwittEarth. Within seconds, you’ll (and any other poor soul wasting his time watching this stuff) will see your tweet popup from your location on Earth.

via TechCrunch