Adventures in China: Day 23

Day 23: Somewhere Beyond the Sea …

The hotel/theater setup was fantastic. Phil got to sleep in, eat breakfast and then simply walk over to the theater via a connecting hallway from the restaurant. I did some much needed laundry for a few hours after breakfast. I kind of have a system down now. Soak the clothes in the sink, then toss them into the shower to be rinsed off using the hand held attachment that is in every hotel here. Then comes my least favorite part – the wringing out. It’s so humid here that I have to use every ounce of strength to wring the clothes, then roll them in a towel and step on them. Then hang. Fun times. Especially when doing laundry for two. O.o

Lunchtime was nice because the crew at the theater got to eat with us at the hotel. Normally, they have to eat at the theater. This time, they simply walked back over. I ate, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed a towel and some art supplies, then headed to the beach.


I’m pretty used to the staring by now. But people kept stopping and looking over my shoulder as I drew, which then attracted more people, and I was feeling a little self conscious. But they moved on. Well, then I wanted to lay out (don’t worry, I had sunscreen on!). But I again felt very conspicuous because there were no other bathing suits on the beach. They don’t like to be tan here. It’s all about how white can you be. Everything has whitening cream in it. Even the sunscreen. It’s like our obsession in the US with white teeth and toothpaste. But whatever, I did it. I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean in the warm sand. Amazing.

I woke up, went back, showered, and went to the theater with everyone.


After the show was dinner, of course. We got to each so much earlier this time! Like 9:45 instead of 10:30 because we didn’t have to do a bus ride :) My eating schedule is going to be so messed up when I get back. Along with my sleep.

We promptly made plans to go right back across the street to Cheers/Deja Vu. We ran into a Canadian lady we had met the night before. She and her husband teach at an international school here, and they came to the show. We joined up at their table and around. We were quite the party.


Just wine, beautiful weather, and great conversations with great people. A perfect combo!

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