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Ok, so this post was going to be about how I won’t be doing anymore projects for awhile. We leave for China next week. NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE! Needless to say, things are getting to be a bit hectic. However, I am DONE with all my performances. They were a smashing success. I am so pleased with my little ones at school. But it’s a huge relief not to be in charge of anything else for awhile (besides my normal teaching, of course). Speaking of teaching, I am also working a few extra days before I leave, so that adds to the craziness. And speaking of craziness, yesterday a microburst ripped through our front and back porch. We rushed out back, assuming that was where the most damage was done. Our bbq was knocked over. That’s how strong this was. Our stringed lights were knocked down but amazingly not broken. My awesome buddha beer bottles were scattered, but also not broken. My stoic hookah stood untouched and proud on the table. Whew. We go out front and this is where the true tragedy hit. My beautiful trellis, the pride and joy of my heart, had been viciously attacked and lay cripple with two broken legs. I AM SO UPSET!

Ok, back to the point. I had decided that I wasn’t going to worry about anymore projects. Then yesterday, I was leisurely sitting on my back porch, sipping my coffee, reading The Elfstones of Shannara, breathing in the scent of my jasmine in full bloom, listening to my fountain, when I wandered into the house for some random purpose (I forget), which brought me into my sewing room. With a burst of inspiration and determination, I set to work on a random project I’ve been wanting to do. I think it was because I saw my earrings that I had dumped out of their jewelry box reminding me of what I wanted to do. This is by no means original, but it goes along with my hippy-I-use-coffee-sacks-for-everything craftiness.


It was super quick. I grabbed an unused frame from the closet (This is one we brought back from our honeymoon in Hawaii. It was way too expensive, and we were dirt poor. We bought it anyway as our one souvenir. I have kept it all these years for sentimental reasons.) I cut some burlap, glued the edges on the back, and voila! The fun part was arranging all the earrings. Some of you may recognize ones you have given me over the years as bday gifts :) I have so many, I know. I have been neglecting them for the past few years because I forget about them tucked into a box. And then when I did want a pair, I had to dig around until I found them. Annoying. Now they are out in front of my face everyday so I will be reminded to wear them more often.

The end.

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  1. I loved Elfstones!! Such a good book~~

    And cute idea!! I want to do the same eventually.

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