Make Your Sink Sparkle (without chemicals!)

We have a stainless steel sink which is hard to keep shiny. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I feel like my sink is grimy and germy all the time, even if I just cleaned it! Amongst the many blogs I peruse, I found a tip on cleaning with boiling water. Simple, efficient, chemical free….brilliant! I took it one step further.  I used the good old-fashion-never-fails baking soda and vinegar on the sink first, then rinsed with the boiling water straight from my kettle. I’d have to use water to rinse anyway, but by using the hot water, it rinsed all the residue away that is so easily visible on my silver sink. I’ve even started using this method on my counter tops.

Have a sparkle-y day!

One Reply to “Make Your Sink Sparkle (without chemicals!)”

  1. Hey! I use a homemade disinfectant wipe mixture of vinegar, Basic H (I’m sure any natural soap would do), tea tree oil, and water, and it does an amazing job of removing water spots and keeping my sink and fixtures (kitchen and bathroom) shiny! Glad you found something that works for you!

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