Where are the politicians who support peace?

Goodwill? Love? Patience? Kindness? Compassion?

I have no friends nor champions in this Democratic Congress and Republican White House. I’m so disgusted, I’m having trouble sharing the context of this post. Just follow any news source (but if you choose Fox News, try to at least get a second opinion from CNN or better yet, NPR). My personal free-speech-protected opinion, which I’m entitled to (for now), is that we are in a mindless war with Iraq. We have knowingly immersed ourselves in an unwinnable religious civil war.

And now we’d like to take on Iran. Well, gee… that’s great.

And for all you conservatives – remember that I’m NOT a Democrat or Republican. I’d hardly call myself “liberal.” I’m just slowly discovering that pacifism is a passion of mine, deep down inside.