Writely.com: Amazing!


I posted this from Writely.com, Google’s new web-based word processor, chock-full of AJAX goodness. Some features it has (and this is from me just using it in the last 5 minutes – I haven’t looked at the feature list yet):

  • Upload Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org documents
  • Save as Word, ODT, PDF, HTML, or publish to a blog – not just blogger.com, but several blog softwares are supported, including WordPress
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Automagic saving
  • Support for 18 standard fonts
  • Styles
  • Tags (hey – they didn’t get the accursed Google “label”)
  • Revision history
  • World peace (okay, I made that one up)

I’ve already admonished Microsoft Word, and I still don’t like the clunk of OpenOffice.org Write. This is the answer to all my publishing problems. Now if only Google Spreadsheets worked well…