Flashback 1983 (aka Tucson floods again)

Thanks to some awesome aerials over at the Star, I’ve been able to create a short but sweet tour of some of the major flooding and flowing rivers in the Marana area. Not yet pictured, but flooded: Sabino Canyon, Catalina Highway, Houghton at Sahuarita, plus several more places I can’t think of at the moment.

These low-altitude aerials are at an angled perspective, so it was difficult to line up the images in some places, because Google’s imagery at this altitude is from a top perspective. The Sanders Road image suffered the most, but you can still see all the elements in both the Google original and the overlay, they just don’t line up at all.

Download the Google Earth KMZ file of the July 31st, 2006 floods
(Get Google Earth for Linux, Mac or Windows)

I-10 at Rillito River
(I-10 where a very active Rillito rushes underneath)

All images used were grabbed from a slideshow at http://www.azstarnet.com/metro/140232.php, by Jeffry Scott/Arizona Daily Star. Used without permission under the assumption that this falls under Fair Use. Don’t sue me!

According to the National Weather Service, there’s more to come. It’s a good day to know that my house doesn’t sit in a flood plain.