KBerry – Blackberry Sync for Linux

No, it doesn’t exist. But boy, do a lot of people wish it did! Currently, there is no driver support whatsoever for Blackberry devices in Linux. I believe it is a combination of a few problems: the official Blackberry Windows driver/software has export restrictions (?!?!) and breaking the encryption scheme on the data may break DMCA law.

That aside, I present to you KBerry, the KDE Blackberry Sync Manager.

KBerry Mockup

For the simple purpose of konsistency, the KBerry user interface should look a lot like KPilot. Think about it: a Blackberry isn’t much different from a Palm in functionality, so logically, the sync program should be similar. We wouldn’t be able to actually USE KPilot, because the interfacing between a Blackberry and Palm is completely foreign. KBerry would hopefully be a frontend for a command line Blackberry interface tool and library, so that other apps (GBerry?) could be written. Also required is a Blackberry-RIM kernel module (Yet to be developed).

So hackers, get to it! Please!

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