Kubuntu 5.04 Rocks!

I can’t do a full review of Kubuntu yet, since it is a full-fledged Linux desktop. I’ll need some time to make a final decision. I installed Kubuntu 5.04RC onto an Athlon 1600+ desktop. I can tell you that this is how painless my installation/setup has been so far:

  • Installation was the old Debian fake GUI, but it was so easy!
  • It recommended a partition scheme for me
  • Xorg set my resolution to 1280×1024. Cool, but I actually wanted 1024×768.
  • The wired-network autoconfigured itself
  • It detected and installed my Audigy 2 automagically. I’m listening to my mp3 collection now.
  • To install my HP Photosmart 7350, I went to the KDE Print Manager. It had a lot of drivers, including the one I needed! Awesome!
  • To install my Gravis USB Gamepad, I plugged it in. Seriously.
  • I’m downloading all the updates to the packages I already have via Kynaptic. I also opted to install kde-games :)
  • Next, I’ll install the Gimp, Scribus, Inkscape and rdesktop packages
  • I’m almost afraid to plug in my iPod… I think it will actually work!!
  • No 3D rendering yet, because I’m using an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. I either need adjust some glx settings or install the ATI proprietary driver.
  • I effortlessly copied a music CD using K3B. That’s amazing!
  • This is actually fun! I like Linux when it works.

Update: Using Kynaptic, I easily upgraded all my packages, and then installed Firefox, Gimp, Scribus, nmap and rdesktop. It’s like I press a button and I get a new program! Kubuntu/Ubuntu is the Linux desktop ready for the masses.

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