WANTED: New Linux distribution. Must be user-friendly, up to date, secure and compatible with all my peripherals. KDE desktops only, please.


Yeah right, huh? Well… I may have found a winner. I think Kubuntu will work for me. The final release comes out tomorrow. It isn’t a fork of Ubuntu (of which I’ve heard good things from Gnome users), it is simply the latest Ubuntu with Gnome/apps removed and KDE 3.4 added. It uses Linux 2.6, so I’m happy about that. Ubuntu is apparently better than Debian because they keep their base set of packages up to date. I assume Kubuntu will be the same.

I’m just tired of Slackware not using Linux 2.6 by default (for wireless, automount, and boot screen betterness) and being more Linux and/or security friendly than user friendly. Although maybe now that Gnome is gone, Slackware may become the KDE distribution I’ve been waiting for. But I doubt it. When installing my wlan drivers, fglrx ATI driver, or even my HP photosmart drivers, I want it to work the first time!

I’m excited to see the to-do list at Kubuntu’s wiki. They mention adding the KDE improvements found at KDE-Look which have been accepted by the majority of KDE users, but haven’t been accepted into the main KDE tree. They even mention unifying the artwork and making KDE easier to use. That’s what I’m talking about. Plus, they are free (open source) and free (of charge). There is no version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu that you can pay for; the principals of this project are highly agreeable.

Have I found a grail? I’m downloading the torrent now, so we’ll see…