New website, and words on WordPress

For those of you keeping track of, I have finally got something up and running. Whilst perousing the web, I stumbled across a PHP-based weblog server. Sure it has tons of useful features, but the best features are its GPL licence and compliance with web standards.

Then, to my great surprise, Slashdot mentioned a serious problem with the way WordPress is generating revenue. It apparently started here and was followed with a rebuttal here. Since I’m brand-spanking new to the WordPress community, I don’t know what side to take. I can tell you that Google-Spamming is evil, and yes, that is what it’s called.

I’m not upset. Just confused. But I am feeling better since Gmail upped my storage to 2GB, and started a new Rich Text feature. Plus, I found a new Google Labs toy to play with.

Update: Apparently Matt, the creator of WordPress, has been able to respond to the contraversial advertisements. And since he has taken them down, we can’t call WordPress evil, so I’m gonna keep using WordPress. Yay!