Who do you worship?

Who do you worship? Is it God, or is it Christian culture? Maybe you worship Hollywood. Didn’t Ben wear that outfit you have on, or wait, was it Elijah? {sarcasm}That Elijah is so hot right now!{/sarcasm} Or, maybe you worship all your cool stuff. (I’m assuming you have cool stuff, because if you live in the US, in spite of recession, war and poverty, we always have cool stuff.)

I worship God. At least, every Sunday I go to church and play my guitar, and sing. But every other day, I really like to watch movies. I just watched “Grave of The Fireflies.” It’s a sad story, but worth the watch. Most evenings, I vegitate in front of the television like a mindless zombie, and I don’t even have cable. Of course we try to limit how much we take in, and I don’t watch the trashy stuff. But on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Trashy, most television doesn’t know how to score below a 5. So why does anyone watch this junk anyway? I wonder how different I would be if I had never watched television.

Which brings us to cool stuff… I like cool stuff. I have cool stuff. I have a laptop, two cell phones (one is a Blackberry), and I have 5 guitars. Some might see that as materialism. But, in defense of my cool stuff, I use all of it for God’s glory some of the time, and some of it for God’s glory all of the time. I started writing a new worship song last night, using my acoustic guitar and my laptop. I’ll post it here when I finish. Hey, I even wrote this post from my Blackberry. For some people, there is a thin line between materialism and using modern technology. I’m sure the same was true back when modern technology was a sword and armor. Or back when the latest and greatest farming tool was a shovel.

Here’s the bottom line: God deserves more than our Sundays. We owe God our lives, which includes the other 6 days of the week. Remember, though, that He doesn’t owe us anything, except for hell. It’s only because of His grace and our faith that He even gives us the time of day.

So, who do you worship?

New website, and words on WordPress

For those of you keeping track of philipandjenny.com, I have finally got something up and running. Whilst perousing the web, I stumbled across a PHP-based weblog server. Sure it has tons of useful features, but the best features are its GPL licence and compliance with web standards.

Then, to my great surprise, Slashdot mentioned a serious problem with the way WordPress is generating revenue. It apparently started here and was followed with a rebuttal here. Since I’m brand-spanking new to the WordPress community, I don’t know what side to take. I can tell you that Google-Spamming is evil, and yes, that is what it’s called.

I’m not upset. Just confused. But I am feeling better since Gmail upped my storage to 2GB, and started a new Rich Text feature. Plus, I found a new Google Labs toy to play with.

Update: Apparently Matt, the creator of WordPress, has been able to respond to the contraversial advertisements. And since he has taken them down, we can’t call WordPress evil, so I’m gonna keep using WordPress. Yay!