WP Plugin: Dev Corner Badge

Dev Corner Badge Screenshot

Sometimes you’re developing a WordPress theme or a site, and it looks similar to (or exactly like) the production version of that site. Installing this plugin will make it instantly easy to see that you’re looking at your development site.

Dev Corner Badge places a highly visible marker in the upper corner of every post/page to denote a development site.

NEW! Version 1.1: Adjust the position and behavior of the badge, and add optional link and custom text.

  • Position: Stick the badge on the left or the right corner.
  • Behavior: Absolute (stick to the top of the page) or Fixed (stick to the top of the browser window).
  • Optional Link URL: The badge can link back to the production version of a site or anywhere else.
  • Optional Custom Text: The default badge reads “Development Version” but you can now use your own custom text (15 character max).


5 Replies to “WP Plugin: Dev Corner Badge”

  1. An idea for next version. Make it stay put while scrolling the page. Or ideally, make that an option. Cheers!

  2. Great idea! I can easily make it “fixed”, and I’ll look into creating a plugin panel so it can be an option.

  3. lol, okay, I’ll take that as a feature request to choose the side it displays on?

  4. This is excellent!

    Used it immediately.
    Much better than sticky post – this displays throughout the site.

    Hate to ruin it with a feature request.

    But I develop at one URL while having production site live on another URL. I expect other people do this too.

    So it would be useful to be able to include a link, e.g. “Live site here”.

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