Google Blogsearch

Holy crap awesome!

It is crazy easy to find others’ blog posts, let alone my own posts. I think the technology that went into it included robots sniffing for WordPress and friends. Maybe blogs aren’t that overblown, after all?

I for one welcome our new (well, not that new) Google overlords.

I Hate Gmail

Stupid Gmail.
I hate Gmail.
Stop threading messages. Since when should an email client make sense?
Stop labeling messages and start putting them in folders. Since when should anything be organized?
Stop giving me so much storage. Since when do online services offer something valuable?

They keep adding more storage faster than I can keep track of.
Stupid, smart Gmail.


Google News RSS Feeds

So most of you know that I’ve been using to read about 20 RSS feeds, both blogs and news, for some time. You can see many of them in the Blogroll to the right. Big deal, I’ve still got information overload syndrome. But now Google just released a technology that NOT ONLY lets you get RSS feeds from Google News, but also lets you read search results feeds.

i.e., I can create a feed in Bloglines like

and it will feed me the latest news on lemurs. For some reason, I’m thinking this is really cool. It makes me think that almost any one-way communication that used to be delivered by email would be better served as RSS. Newsletters, for example. Announcements, updates, etc.

RSS needs to catch on a bit more now. Vista will have it. Apple’s Safari does a pretty good job at doubling as an RSS reader. I wonder how KDE and Akregator will evolve, keeping in mind that Plasma will thrive on dynamic, content-focused data.

UPDATE: Why is this Google search feed so cool? Because you can have an RSS feed about ANYTHING now. If you want an XBOX 360 feed, you got it.