Adventures in China: Day 31

Day 31: Our Last Show

Phil went to the theater. Ellie and I headed out to explore.

We found an interesting statue …


A dog with the most awesome haircut ever …


And a legit market!


Our goal was to find suitcases, which we did, and were even able to bargain. Then we found some loose-leaf tea, and had quite the experience communicating to the person helping us. We also found the grossest food item yet:



EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. What. The heck. What are those even used for? I’m so confused.


Then we went back to the hotel for lunch with plans to return to this shopping-haven after we ate. We shared our find with others, ate lunch, and headed back with a group of eager shoppers. Here’s some pics along the way there:


We all kind of went our separate ways, but I spent several hours there finding a good chunk of the gifts and items I wanted to bring back. And bargaining for all of it. It was fun! And good practice for the silk market.

Then I went back to the hotel to freshen up and rest before the show. Some interesting details about this hotel …

It looks like any other hotel we’ve stayed in.

But then you enter and have to take an elevator up to the 4th floor, because that’s where the lobby is. I have no idea what’s on the floors in between. Then you go through this awesome hallway/entrance/walkway thingy.

I did not photoshop or instagram-hipster-vintagefy this photo. This was really how it was in the daytime!

Then, you get to the lobby.

This is where we were hanging out the night before drinking wine.

Then you take a different elevator up to your floor. Not the most efficient system.

Anyway, on to the last show! The theater was way cool! We were in another port city, so they made it all ocean-y.

They also really loved the LED lights. I felt like I was walking down Candy Cane Lane.

See what I mean? It was so cool. I wish I would’ve had more time to walk around and enjoy it. But I was really rushed bc I barely remembered to go outside and take pictures, and then I got locked out of the theater bc it was after the show and they were closing up shop. I’m doing this out of order. Sorry.

Here’s the lobby:


Here’s the house:


Here’s Phil’s sound board:


And his view of the stage:


The last show was a lot of fun. There was tons of energy from the dancers in every song. Everyone was being silly backstage. Lots of pictures and videos were being taken. My role that night was photographer instead of stage mom. I took pictures for anyone who wanted on their camera. It was just a lot of fun, and a great last show!

After the show, (and after I ran outside to get pictures, got locked out and begged to get let back in) we went back to the hotel for dinner and packing. We were leaving right after dinner for Beijing. Yep, call was at midnight. This is the start of the most exhausting experience we have ever had. To be continued in Day 32, because technically midnight starts the next day, in case you didn’t know.