Adventures in China: Day 19

Day 19: Jianjiagang

Today, we travel to the city of Jianjiagang (jon gee uh gong), and have a show in the same day. Can we say ugh? Ugh. For the tech crew, that meant leaving early in a van. I went with since it would be roomier than the bus. It was only a 2 hour drive. I looked out the window while at a red light and saw a bunch of guys on scooters. It was like a Harley gang, but … with scooters. I took a pic. There are just as many of these driving around as there are cars.


We arrive at the theater.


The crew starts setting up. Here is the house.


I help for a little bit, but then go exploring in the lobby.


And then explore outside. It was different than the previous ones.


I eat lunch with them, and then I take a taxi to the hotel. The rest of the group had already arrived and checked in. We were staying at the Magnotel. Weird name.


I checked in. Here is the lovely view from our room (/sarcasm).

There was nothing impressive about this hotel. At all.

Then I went walking around for a few hours. We were only staying in this city for the day, so this was my only time to explore. There was a shopping street close by so that was at least nice place to walk around.


The show went on that night, we came back, ate dinner (which was not very good), and tried to sleep. The beds were horribly hard, and construction noise and cars blaring their horns kept waking us up all night. Very frustrating, especially with another crazy day ahead of us tomorrow. And that was Jianjiagang.


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