Phil’s glasses

So they tell you to take a back up pair of glasses with you for good reason!  I mean, you never think you’re glasses are going to really and truly break when you’re on vacation, do you?  I mean, you’re on vacation! Well, Phil’s did.  And nothing caused it that we know.  Just good ol’ wear and tear.  The side piece just up and snapped in two as he was putting them on.  We tried scotch taping them just for a temporary solution and it looked sooo bad!  We had to actually tape part of the lens in order to hold the side piece on hahahaha. So that didn’t work.

Our hostess’ name that day was Mary, and she was a lovely Irish women who we talked with over breakfast.  She was great fun to talk to. So colorful and animated and funny! Well, she was so nice with the whole situation.  She called her optician’s office to see if they could help us and they had a repair person on sight! So she sent us off and we had to go into Limerick but it was worth it.  The repair guy was soooooo nice!

He took a look and sadly, it was a no go on repairing it.  The side piece was made out of titanium, so no chance of saudering it.  He couldn’t unscrew it from the lens and just put on a whole new side b/c the lens was actually cracked and that is why they broke.  If he took the screw out a chunk of lens would just fall off. Phil has rimless glasses, which are a) expensive and b) more fragile and fickle but c) very nice looking for someone who has to wear glasses all the time!

Well, we said oh well, he did bring his sunglasses as a back up pair (but Phil didnt like them and so wasn’t going to really wear them, and plus, who wants to wear sunglasses inside?) And, again, who really thinks their glasses are going to break while you are oversees on holiday?  They tell you to take a copy of your prescription too.  Phil didn’t b/c he thought he’d just call if anything happened.  That’s a fine idea until you realize that it’s 2 am back home!!  And plus, new glasses over there would have cost us an arm and a leg.

Sooooo, how does the story resolve you are probably wondering.  A happy ending!  He found out we had the sunglasses and said he could lighten the lenses for us.  So we gave him the sunglasses and he set to work.  He wasn’t able to lighten the lenses…at least not quickly.  So, he all of a sudden comes out of his little office and has the sunglasses frames and in them are clear lenses.  He cut new lenses right there for the frames and somehow got the prescription from the tinted lenses!!! Yay!!!  And he wouldn’t let us give him one single penny for it.  Not one. Not even let us buy his lunch. Sweet, sweet man.

Yay! Phil has glasses again.  The lenses aren’t perfect….I’m guessing it’s probably b/c of his astigmatism in one eye and the lens isn’t fitted for that so it’s a little blurry for him in the right eye.  But, he can see and enjoy Paris, and I think he looks hot in his box-frame trendy glasses :)

Moral of the story: Yes, your glasses could just randomly break while you are overseas and with as much irony of situation as possible!

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