Happy 2007!

It always amazes me when a new year starts. I think, “how could it be the new year already?” However, leading up to it, I am impatient for it to arrive…mostly because I’m anxious for my winter break.

Anyway, I had a wonderful Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with the Cains. Here are a few pics from that.

Our Nephew opening presents – he was quite good at it

Phil opening his favorite candy – Ferroro Rochers

After Christmas Eve with the Cains, we headed up to Matt and Serene’s house for Christmas with the Harrisons. It was fun to do it this year at their new, big house. Christmas morning was a blast with little Belle and her craziness. Our new niece, Kierra Noelle, or Pumpkin Doodle as Belle named her, is adorable and precious! She is so tiny and she just slept the whole time. Anyone could hold her and she would just sleep on, waking only when she was hungry. Here are more pictures:

Big sister Belle and little sister Kierra

Tim and Meghann

There are many more photos on my flickr site – www.flickr.com/photos/jennycain/sets

Happy New Year!

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