After tonight is over…

Sorry for the lag in blog posts. I had a routine of Saturday morning blogs down, and then I don’t know what happened.

Life is both relaxing and stressful at the same time right now. On one hand, I have a performance at one of my schools tonight and I cannot wait for it to be over. I mean, it’s going to go great, the kids are ready, the details are taken care of, but it is just a stressful thing. I think I’ll feel like a weight has been lifted after tonight.

On the other hand, planning and teaching is a breeze right now. I am able to do the same lessons at both schools, and I get to teach fun winter/holiday songs that the kids absolutely love! I don’t have much going on at night, I don’t have to stay late at school preparing for the next day. I come home and read, or play sudoku, or watch tv.

The past few nights I’ve had really bizarre dreams. I don’t remember my dreams very often, so when I do it’s because they are really intense or weird or scary. I call them my anxiety dreams b/c they are triggered by anxiety of some sort, even if the dream had nothing to do with what I’m worried about. I don’t like them b/c I wake up feeling weirded out instead of refreshed. And I need refreshment this week. So hopefully after tonight’s performance they will go away.

Eight more days until I’m out for winter break, and I am definitely looking forward to two whole weeks off!

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