Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great day. It’s the only day out of the year where I actually don’t mind getting stuffed. I hate that feeling any other time.

We’re in Tucson this year. My contribution to dinner at Grandma’s was sweet potatoes and cranberries. I made cranberries from scratch for the first time, and I have to say that is how I will do it from now on. They were delicious! And it was super easy – just boil sugar water and throw the cranberries in for 10 minutes. And the sweet potatoes- wow! I found a killer recipe – normal ingredients (cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, marshmallows, butter) but add in cream cheese and crushed Post’s Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal and you have some pizzazz!

After the meal we watched “Cars”. It was my third time seeing it, but Mater still cracks me up :)

We’re home now, and I think I’m in a re-arranging mood. I need to tackle the office.

A huge answer to prayer: I have been so fatigued and just non-motivated to do ANYTHING for the last two months. Well, my blood work showed I my B-12 level (a vitamin) was really low. So I got a shot of B-12, and the next day I felt like a different person. I woke up before my alarm, I felt refreshed for the first time in a long time, I was happy to go to work, I was happy and energetic all day, I was motivated to do things around the house. WOW!! That stuff worked fast. Today was the same story – I woke up early feeling refreshed. I go in every two weeks for a while to get a shot. Who knew that one little vitamin deficiency could affect me so much?! I still don’t know why I am low, but it’s being worked on. We weren’t even positive that was the source of my fatigue, but now I think it is. So praise the Lord :) I’m back to my old self.