Attack of the killer weeds!!!!

So owning a home is fantastic, except for when monsoon season comes and with that TONS of weeds and unwanted bermuda grass, which then need to be killed immediately to prevent a complete take over!!! I was able to keep on top of it this summer when I was doing nothing all the time, but in the last 3 months since I’ve been back to work (it’s been 3 months already??), our yard has been taken over by alien weeds!!!!!! So, last Tuesday, we hired someone to come out and work on our frontyard. He spent 4 hours, and did a great job, but there was still chunks of the yard left to be worked on (and this is no reflection on his work – he worked hard).

Today I mustered up all the motivation and courage I could find and went out to face the 2-feet-high weeds in the corner of our front yard. Armed only with a weed eater, I faced the ferocious fiends fearlessly! (like my alliteration??) I chopped and then raked up all the fallen victims.

Next mission: spray with round-up. But that will have to come tomorrow, because my arms feel like rubber.