Plasma Applet Ideas

Table of Contents


"Applets" are now a hybrid of today's SuperKaramba themes and Kicker Applets with similar functions.

1. Obey the current Plasma theme.
2. Can be independently switched to another theme (optional).
3. Can be on the desktop or dragged to any panel.
4. Have a smaller, more simple presentation when docked to a panel.
5. Can be pinned (stuck) to the desktop.
6. Can float ("Keep above windows").

Examples of Applets:
1. WEATHER (Based on Liquid Weather / KWeather). When docked to a panel, the sun/moon icon from the current theme is used, and temperature is overlayed.

2. WORLD CLOCK (Based on KDE World Clock). When dragged from the panel to the desktop, map is shown in larger size and more detail.

3. DICTIONARY. When docked to a panel, a search field is shown (with a dictionary-esque icon?). When queries are made, an Applet box "grows" out of the panel above the search field. The Applet can be dragged elsewhere, in which case, the search field relocates to inside the Applet.

4. CALENDAR (Based on dbKalendar, skdata, and the Calendar pop-up). Appears when the Clock is left-clicked, it can look like any familiar Karamba calendar theme, but is integrated with KOrganizer, and therefore has indications of appointments and special dates. Can be dragged to the panel to display the current date (separate from the Clock).

5. SYSTEM MONITOR (Based on the dozens of existing sensor themes and KSysGuard applet). Modular sensor display, the Applet on the desktop will display a configurable set of sensors, using a configurable theme (which displays first using the current Plasma theme). 2 sensors/meters are displayed when the Applet is dragged and docked to a panel.


"MiniApplets" are the future of special Desktop Icons. They are also today's Kicker Applets which have minimal functionality. Think of MiniApplets as dynamic, or active, icons.

1. Obey the current Plasma theme.
2. Can be on the desktop or dragged to any panel.
3. Have the same presentation size on the desktop and panels.
4. Can be configured to obey desktop icon rules (sort, align, etc).
4. Can float ("Keep above windows").

Examples of MiniApplets:
1. EYES. The current Eyes Applet would become a MiniApplet, draggable to the desktop, but with no change in size or layout.

2. TRASH. The current Trash Applet would become a MiniApplet. This would replace the Trash icon on the desktop, because now the Trash MiniApplet can be placed on the desktop or a panel.

3. SYSTEM. On the desktop or a panel, a right click will display the System Menu (plus a few more options), and a left click will open System:/ in Konqueror.

Applets vs. MiniApplets


Applets and MiniApplets are very similar in behavior, but Applets can do much more. When deciding between creating an Applet and a MiniApplet, consider the following suggestions.

Create an Applet if:
A significant amount of data or imagery has to be displayed.

Create a MiniApplet if:
A single icon or animated SVG can faithfully represent the function of the applet, without the need for a large display. MiniApplets still have context menus, so a somewhat limited extendable functionality is still possible. Many applications that ONLY reside in the System Tray would be better suited as MiniApplets.