A Happy Garden

Warning: lots of pictures in the post! 

My garden is beautiful. Thanks to my awesome friends at my “Help Jenny With Her Garden” party, my garden is simply flourishing out in the front yard. I had a beautiful, bountiful harvest all during fall and winter, and I’m sad I didn’t document it very well. Here are the few shots I did happen to get on my iPhone:

Beautiful tomatoes all winter long

Baby carrots

Peas in a pod

Zucchini in December

Luffa gourds to luffa sponges

Now it’s spring and I’m waiting to harvest the last round of winter planting:

Oregon Sugar Pod Peas

Little broccoli offshoots

Red Creole Onions


More carrots :)

Cherry Tomatoes

New spring arrivals:

Tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings

Rattlesnake bean blossoms

Sweet peas

Green-striped Cushaw squash seeds

New friends (due to an aphid problem):

How many ladybugs can you spot? (pun intended)

And lastly, flowers from the back porch that were just too beautiful to ignore:


Midnight-Velvet petunias

Sunflowers amidst weeds in my old garden area

I love my garden.