Quick wine break in the “garden kitchen” of the place we’re staying, which is basically a legit B&B (which is different from an AirBnB). The last couple places were practically hostels so this is a nice change of pace. We spent the morning on a salt mine tour and walked around the medieval Old Town center after that. We’ll hike down to the lake in a few. A Scottish guy we met at lunch today told us that Königsee (King’s Lake) is one of the most popular destinations for Germans in all of Germany. Might be crowded since the sun peeked out!

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Austrian local fast food. Rather fancy and comes with beer or wine. We also toured the Vienna State Opera house, which has more class but less history than the Paris Opera. (I couldn’t help but hum The Blue Danube while we walked through the halls – I know, I’m a dork).

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